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Current data show that cholelithiasis affects one in five adults worldwide.
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In addition, it is increasingly being diagnosed in children and adolescents, especially those who are obese. What is Esophageal Dyskinesia What Causes Esophageal Dyskinesia Pathogenesis (what happens?) during Esophageal Dyskinesia Symptoms of Esophageal Dyskinesia Diagnosis of Esophageal Dyskinesia Treatment of Esophageal Dyskinesia Which doctors should you contact if you have Esophageal Dyskinesia.

Dyskinesia of the digestive tract is a functional disease manifested by a violation of the tone and peristalsis of the digestive organs with smooth muscles (esophagus, stomach, biliary tract, intestines). What causes esophageal dyskinesia. The function of the esophagus is simple, as its name suggests. Therefore, dysfunctions are monotonous and ultimately come down to buy gloperba online motility and patency of the esophagus. Regardless of their nature, they are expressed either in hypertension, hyperkinesia and spasms, or in hypotension, hypokinesia and insufficiency of sphincters. All these functional disorders are recognized by X-ray examination. They accompany primary diseases of the esophagus or are more often secondary and are observed in many diseases of the digestive system, nervous and endocrine systems, metabolic disorders and mental illness. Symptoms of esophageal dyskinesia.

The most common functional disorder is insufficiency of the esophageal-gastric junction with gastroesophageal reflux. Reflux occurs as a result of pressure differences in the esophagus and stomach. With the vertical position of the patient, it is absent. If in this position the transition of colchicine sulfate from the stomach to order colchicine is noticed, then it is not associated with reflux, but with belching, nausea or vomiting, in which the muscles of the stomach, diaphragm and abdominal wall are involved. Chalazia syndrome is close to insufficiency of the esophageal-gastric junction. Chalazia is understood as relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter with insufficiency of its closing function. The syndrome is described in newborns and is expressed in the massive flow of stomach contents into the esophagus. A similar symptom complex is observed in scleroderma, Raynaud's disease, after cardiodilatation and cardiomyotomy. Often, segmental spasm of the esophagus is also recorded.

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